Our examination is in depth, because your sight is precious.

Visual Eyes boasts state of the art equipment and professional service from both front line and optometric staff. 

Besides professional service, our examination is extensive because we understand the importance and early detection of manageable eye diseases and visual disorders.



Exceeding industry standards

Exceptional optometrists and state of the art equipment have afforded Visual Eyes credibility amongst its patients as industry leaders in genuine eye care.

Its not always about spectacles. We are concerned about the health of the eye and pride ourselves in exceptional attention to detail.



“I was never successful with standard contact lenses, but after hearing about Orthokeratology from a friend examined by Seth in Bryanston, my life has changed. I can actually watch a movie and bed and fall asleep if the urge comes”

— Lelani Kemp.

Glaucoma isn't just about pressure...

“After diagnosing my dad with glaucoma, I was screened and referred to an Ophthalmologist within a few days. My eye pressures were normal, but the optometrist was still not happy with my optic nerve...”

— Lorri Krombeen.

Caring for little people 

“Parents only want the best for their children. We found the best at Visual Eyes for Cuan -  I have never met an optometrist who knows so much about neurofibromatosis”

— Dominique Pienaar.


There is more than what meets the eye, in the eye.

The trained and capable optometrists at Visual Eyes examine the with the same care they would offer their loved ones. After all, as family based practice we hope to have you feel like family eventually.

At Visual Eyes, we are passionate about eye care.