Different Locations. Same Ethos.


Dr Christine Croker

The Boss Lady. Don’t ever tell her she can’t, because she will prove you wrong! Christine is the matriarch of Visual Eyes, and the power house that heads up the never ending action that the Visual Eyes team thrive on.

Christine is an exemplary mother to three awesome children, a darling wife to her husband, Andrew, and a real leader to her diverse team at Visual Eyes.

Seth Dunlee

The Visual Eyes fledgeling. Recently fallen away from the nest, but setting up practice in Sandton and home in old Johannesburg.

Partnering up with Christine, after 3 years as vacation staff and 3 years as a newby Optom, Seth is heading up the Bryanston practice.

Angela Harrison

The Aunty. Banana’s. Behind the counter. She is real, alive and genuinely quite hilarious if you are respectful!

Angela is Christine’s aunt, who gave up her job teaching to help Christine make a success of her first practice. This Tigress, Aunty, knows more about spectacle frames and lenses than many optometrist.

Ange’s management of the Farrarmere practice is fun and enforces learning.

Jessica MacInnes

Little Jess is the Peanut to the Aunty Banana’s sundae. Jessica is Christine’s niece, and second in command at the Front Desk.

Jess has been with Visual Eyes for 7 years, completed a degree in that time and also got hitched along the way.

Not much happens in the practice without Jess knowing something about it. A small cog in the machine, but an important one.